B-Waxed Wraps
B-Waxed Wraps
B-Waxed Wraps
B-Waxed Wraps

B-Waxed Wraps

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Let's support the Bees & stop the single use plastic wraps!

Back before plastic wrap, people used other more sustainable ways of keeping their food items fresh - and one of them was Bees Wax Wrapping.  

This is done with a combination of cotton, bees wax, jojoba oil and tree resin.


As most of you would know, Bees Wax is anti-bacterial. 

So is jojoba oil.  These traits help protect your food in a way that cling wrap does not.

The tree resin helps make the beeswax tacky whilst the jojoba oil makes the wax more plyable.


You can wash your wraps between uses by wiping them down with cold soapy water

Store them in a cool place between uses - Bees wax will of course melt in the heat!

They are reusable over 50 times and generally have a life of one year

We keep ours in a container in the fridge between uses

Of course, like all our products, they are made of organic (plant or animal based) ingredients so that they are 100% biodegradable.

Your purchase of a set of B-waxed Wraps will save approximately 250 m of plastic wrap being used which saves this single-use plastic existing in our environment for 1000's of years and breaking down into lots of small plastic particles that end up in our food chain.

Did you realize that it isn't only animals that are in danger of eating plastic.  Recent studies show that we eat a credit card of plastic every week!!!! We ingest it in particles in the food we eat (what do you think happens when animals ingest it and we eat them-particularly fish), the water we drink and the air we breath.

Our set of 3 wraps come in the following size:

1 x S - 18 x 18 - perfect for a small container or a piece of fruit 

1 x M - 23 x 23 - Fits nicely around a sandwich

1 x L - 35 x 35 - great for larger bowls