About Healthy Planet Now

It's time we put the environment first. Here at Healthy Planet NOW, that means educating ourselves about better ways. Whether it is creating better uses for the existing plastic in the environment, by recycling it or collecting it from the ocean (and making it into bracelets, like 4ocean.com - check them out), or just switching products to those that support sustainability, we all need to play our part.

You can do this by lobbying government and businesses, to make better environmental choices, Including less packaging on the products we buy. We have chosen to make an impact by providing an alternative to plastic for your every day shopping.

We feel using biodegradable products are a definite way forward to more sustainable living, rather than the current option of replacing single use plastic, with multi-use PLASTIC.

We donate 10% of profit to  TheOceanCleanUp.com project to support our Plastic Free Planet desires.

A further 20% will go into R&D of other sustainable products.

We ask you to support the many businesses out there who are trying to find a more sustainable way for our society.

We know not every step of the process is 100% sustainable for all products but, a movement in this direction is better than none at all. We support those companies that are making conscious efforts to make a difference.

We all have the ability to make an impact. If you make one sustainable decision each day, this is a step in favour of a sustainable planet. Choosing products made from bamboo, Rattan, Wheat Straw, and reusable products such as bamboo or metal Straws can have a substantial impact.


No Issue   As part of our commitment to being sustainable, we source our packaging from NoIssue.com who create biodegradable packaging and plant trees in various countries with profits from their sales.