Byron Eco Bag Reviews

Tania - Murwillumbah, Australia

" I love how genuine HPN are and what they are doing for the planet. I love their posts and I especially love the bags they sell... such a good product - useful, durable and scrunches up tiny in my full-to-the-brim backpack so I don't forget it in the car. I'm looking forward to getting more as I hate the Coles plastic bags (and the whole idea of them). Everyone should have a few of these. Well done guys "


Gemma - Perth Australia

"I love the bags they are strong and light weight and durable I never get caught out without a bag always handy to have one in your handbag"


Shannon - Brisbane, Australia

"Love my Byron Eco Bags, they feel great and are so convenient, as they roll up small enough to fit in my handbag.They are also large enough and strong enough to hold multiple items. It is awesome that they are 100% Biodegradable."


Phil - Aston Cantlow, UK

"I love the Byron Bay Eco bags I purchased, they are so handy, they are strong but lightweight, hold an incredible amount of goodies! Easy to carry with a full load due to material handles not being sharp like the supermarket plastic ones. Easy to store in the centre console of my car! Try them you won’t be disappointed! The only non positive thing with the bags is me remembering to put them back in my car after use."


Andrew - Sydney, Australia

"Good bags, convenient, strong, and lightweight. The bags shrink down really well for storing or taking with you, the inbuilt rubber band is very handy. They don’t have annoying sharp corners or tear easily like many plastic bags do. They have made it really easy for me to stop using plastic bags. Well done."


Karen - Kentucky, USA

"We are going to reach a point where it will be too late to protect and preserve our environment. Ideas and products that reduce/ slow down the human contribution to that damage will determine what we leave for our grandchildren.  I love my bags!"


Cassie - Brisbane, Australia

"These biodegradable bags are so handy, they are small enough to take in my handbag, yet they hold such a large amount of groceries! The feel of them is a lovely soft material and a look that is of upmost quality. I highly recommend them, so practical but aesthetically pleasing."


Brigid H - Cootamundra, Australia

"I love that my Byron Eco Bags are so functional - fit in my handbag and still carry as much as alternate bags. I keep a couple in the glove box as well as one in my bag for those little shops!"


Leigh - Lennox Head, Australia

"I put mine in my doggy treat bag as they fold up so small and then I go shopping after dog walking !!"


Mick - Gold Coast, Australia

"Best Ever.. light.. strong.. eco friendly... even the check out chicks at my local Coles shopping centre want them.. buy some for home AND the car... cause if your like me you'll leave the house and forget them."


Judy - Gundagai, Australia

"I love that the Byron Eco bags are so soft, you can roll them up and carry them in your hand bag ready for your next shop."


Kerri - Gosford, Australia

"The little bags are awesome, roll up tiny and squeeze in anywhere, hold huge amounts, light as a feather and best of all planet friendly 💕 🌏"